Make the perfect pizza at home


If pizza is your favorite dish in the entire world, I’m sure you have already tried countless recipes both in restaurants and at home. However, making a delicious pizza is not as easy as it seems, especially if you don’t have the best quality ingredients and a good oven to help you out in the process.

Luckily, there are plenty of decent pizza ovens available on the market for decent prices that will help you create mouth-watering recipes in the comfort of your own home. This will save you time and money while also improving your cooking skills. But how do you know you’re good at finding a good one? Here is what I consider to be the most important aspects of the perfect pizza oven.


Pick the right fuel

Most of the pizza ovens are easy to install in your backyard and, since you’re going to be cooking outside, it is best to consider the right type of fuel that powers your oven. In my opinion, the best ones are always wood-burning ovens because they can easily heat up to 800 degrees, are extremely easy to use, and the wood flavors will certainly enrich your pizza and make it taste more delicious.

I suggest you always pick hardwoods such as maple, oak, ash or cherry as they will burn efficiently and provide a sweet and smoky flavor to your pizza. These woods are simply denser than others and, therefore, will burn for longer and at higher temperatures.



Another thing to consider when buying a pizza oven is its portability. You should look for portable items with incorporated wheels if you plan on hosting barbecue parties often in your backyard. Portability is important because it helps you easily put and store your oven in a convenient place where the smoke won’t bother the rest of your neighbors.

In addition, ovens with wheels can be easily carried around and be taken with you anywhere you go – weekend getaways, outdoor trips, and even on the beach.



Also, consider the size of your device if you plan on hosting parties on a regular basis. The oven should be large enough to fit more than one pizza at a time if you’re cooking for a full house. However, if you only plan on using the device once in a while or you’re only cooking for two-three people, you can opt for smaller ovens that are convenient to store.


Cook multiple dishes

Last but not least, a good pizza oven should also allow you to cook multiple dishes, preferably at the same time. Opt for a product that also allows you to bake pies, cakes, and homemade bread with a wide array of delicious ingredients.


A few tips for improving your accuracy with compound bows

A few days back I got a chance to attend an international archery workshop held in my city. Being a novice in this exciting game of patience and timing using a compound bow, I was looking forward to learning a few useful tips to use my brand new compound bow. I have been practicing archery with a traditional bow and arrow, but when it comes to the compound bow, I get perplexed with the complex looking structure of this bow. I indeed got a lot of help from this opportunity. So, here are some tips that I have gathered and found to be quite useful in improving my aiming skills with a compound bow.


Right Draw length

You must get the bow which has the right draw length according to your physique and posture. This is important since it will help you in getting into the right stance for the perfect aim. Check for the compound bow that allows  you to fully stretch your arm to hold the bow and draw the string with your other hand so that it reaches close to your face giving you a full and stable posture to shoot the arrow with full force.

Comfortable grip

A tough skill can only be mastered if you feel comfortable with the gadget you are handling. While  using a compound bow, if the grip is comfortable, you will handle it with stability and can focus on your aim. So, hold that bow tight enough, stabilize it to perfection, draw the string back and hit the bull’s eye.

Practice full draw weight

This one point is important if you are participating in a competition  or a tournament since you have to participate in different aiming events. So, as an archer, you must be comfortable with all the draw weights. You must make sure that at the full draw that you are not feeling shaky or exhausted even if you have to wait for that perfect aim. Because if you do, the arrow is surely going to miss the target.


Use the right accessories

Accessorizing compound bows have always shown good results. When aiming for long range target use the accurate pins and peep sight. If you are aiming in a clear line of shooting you can get the advantage of a recommended magnifying lens for a specific tournament.

These are some of the suggestions I want to make to all my archer friends. Other important things are your physical fitness, strength to hold a heavy bow like a compound bow for long periods and the right frame of mind while shooting. So, practice and maintain a perfect health to grow as a proficient archer with a compound bow.

Why I prefer compound bows

If you’re looking for a sport that can help you relax, then hunting is definitely be the one for you. It’s an activity that has been entertaining and challenging the adventurers for centuries. Initially it all started with hunting for survival and food, but gradually it became a sport. The reason can be civilization of the world. It has got a lot of physical and mental benefits. It also helps whenever you want to display your courage, skill and swiftness.

president3Hunting as a sport has a lot of benefits. It’s a great way to spend time with nature and yourself. It’s a good form of relaxation, as you are one with nature. You get to learn a lot of mental skills, such as taking quick decisions and patience. You also get to learn about resourcefulness and survival skills when out in the wild. It’s a great form of workout where you get to practice balance and gain muscle. Since you are hunting for good meat to take home, hunting for natural and fresh meat is much better than simply purchasing it from the market. Wild animals have more lean meat and vitamins as they feed on naturally growing vegetation. The meat sold in shops is from the animals that are raised in farms with a commercial target. The diet of such animals may have been compromised to increase produce.

When hunting, you will need to consider your weapon. You can use guns, bows, and other types of weapons to get started on this exciting sport. But, I prefer the compound bow for such wild excursions. Here are some reasons why using a compound bow for hunting is better than any other weapon.

It’s very easy to use

This goes for those who are bit hesitant to handle a gun, such as beginners, youngsters, or those with some physical disabilities. A compound bow is a great way to learn how to hunt confidently.

Maintains Discretion

It suits those who are not able to handle the intensity or the impact of the gun, as it has some recoil and makes a very loud sound when fired. The matured and advanced hunters will be able to take advantage of a compound bow, as it can help them extend their years of hunting.


This is best for those who are not able to handle the great weight of guns or other heavier bows. You can also get rid of numerous other equipment you may need while hunting.

Can be used in restricted hunting areas

To prevent the animals from being scared , some areas have restricted for hunting with rifles or guns. In such hunting fields, you can use compound bows instead.


It’s a safer way to hunt, as it lessens the chances of fatal injuries or accidents, compared to hunting with guns.



Hunting with compound bows is definitely a way to make your hunting experience easier and a great fun. It all depends on the hunter. If you’re interested in hunting as a novice then compound bow is the best choice for you.

My bow – the SAS Adjustable Quad Limb review

I recently won an SAS Adjustable Quad Limb bow, and have been using since then. All I can say about this bow is that it’s great! It’s a bow definitely made for the most passionate hunters, and I’m impressed with its accuracy, versatility, and ease of use. But, it’s also got its cons as well. Either way, it’s definitely a good alternative to guns when hunting, especially if doing so with younger or less experienced hunters. That way, you avoid any injuries or accidents while in the wilds. In this article, I’ll be discussing everything you need to know about this bow and it truly is worth the purchase for your hunting needs.


What is the SAS Adjustable Quad Limb?

This is a bow designed for hunting, with all the features of a crossbow that make it perfect for shooting game such as birds or other creatures. It’s better than a gun, as it helps reduce environmental risks and accidents, and it’s also easier to transport. You are able to adjust this bow to your needs, whether you have a small or big body frame. Plus, you’ll be able to purchase this with ease and without a need for permits or other long formalities of purchasing a firearm! It’s cheaper, versatile, and safe.

SAS Adjustable Quad Limb Pros

Here are some of the things I like the most about this bow:

  1. Package is complete

It comes with everything you need to start hunting. You won’t need to purchase anything else, as the package is complete, coming with the sights and arrows. All you need to do is set it up and start hunting!

  1. Very easy to use

Whether you are a beginner or advanced hunter, you’ll find it very easy to setup and use. You can even adjust it the way you want, making it comfortable and customized to your size and abilities.

  1. Durable

This bow is long lasting, able to have a lifetime for years to come. So you can use it without worry of it breaking any time soon!

  1. Affordable

Compared to other bows I found online, this is a reasonably priced one. It’s complete, does the job, and is perfect for any hunter.

SAS Adjustable Quad Limb Cons

As I used it, I noticed no cons whatsoever! But it may be difficult for some women and children to use since you will need to add the peep sight separately. But that is not a major flaw at all! Other than that, I have experienced or notice anything else but good things about the bow, which makes it perfect for people of any age or gender.

My conclusions 

This SAS Adjustable Quad Limb is definitely worth the purchase. I’m glad I won this and am able to use it with ease! If you’re interested in purchasing this bow, you can check your local hunting sports store, or you’ll be able to purchase it online from reputable shops. Enjoy the ease of use and the ability to hunt better with this bow! You’ll definitely appreciate its many benefits once you start using it.

What’s the best gear for bow hunting


When you go out on hunting trips, you can go with just your bow and arrow. But having only these two may hamper your chances of catching something commendable. As a hunter, whether you admit or not, skills with your bow and arrow are not the sufficient for a successful hunting excursion. Having bow accessories will help you hit your target accurately and catch what you have aimed for.

hunting accesoriesHowever, in purchasing bow accessories, I recommend that you do not simply purchase anything without checking reviews. These devices and accessories may not be as helpful and as durable as they may seem to be. Do not get deceived by well-packaged and marketed materials, as I have experienced in buying some of these attractively packaged accessories that turned out to be useless after two or three use. So, I learned that I should be vigilant about the products that I will purchase in future.

To help you know what accessories you need to have for a successful hunting trip, I have rounded off some of my “tested and proven” choices which I strongly believe will also be beneficial for you when you go into purchasing your hunting gear.


  1.       Apache EQ Stabilizer – stabilizers help not only in balancing the bow but will also cut down the noise when you fire. For only $40, you can have an Apache EQ Stabilizer from New Archery Products. It has 30 vibration-absorbing elements that reduce vibration and noise when you aim on target. It is also equipped with adjustable dampeners that permit you to change the balance and weight from time to time for a comfortable position.
  2.       Hoyt Archery Arrow Rack In-Line – to keep your arrows in a neat and orderly manner, I recommend that you should have Hoyt’s arrow rack. This can store up to six arrows, is easy and unobtrusive quick-detach system, can fit on any bow, and more importantly, it helps reduce canting issues since it is designed to fit closer to the riser. It’s also recommend on
  3.       Archer Extreme Titanium Recon – this helps in increasing durability yet reduces the weight with the help of its titanium and carbon material. Unlike most rests, recon has micro-tuning because of its internal trigger system. Moreover, it can support an arrow for longer duration, which improves accurate shot and arrow flight.
  4.       G5 Outdoors CMAX – CMAX rest can be activated on either the top or bottom part depending on how you set it up. Be assured that it is a quiet accessory and it offers total fletching clearance too.

If these 4 items don’t fit your style, you could also check out the great tips from this video: