A few tips for improving your accuracy with compound bows

A few days back I got a chance to attend an international archery workshop held in my city. Being a novice in this exciting game of patience and timing using a compound bow, I was looking forward to learning a few useful tips to use my brand new compound bow. I have been practicing archery with a traditional bow and arrow, but when it comes to the compound bow, I get perplexed with the complex looking structure of this bow. I indeed got a lot of help from this opportunity. So, here are some tips that I have gathered and found to be quite useful in improving my aiming skills with a compound bow.


Right Draw length

You must get the bow which has the right draw length according to your physique and posture. This is important since it will help you in getting into the right stance for the perfect aim. Check for the compound bow that allows  you to fully stretch your arm to hold the bow and draw the string with your other hand so that it reaches close to your face giving you a full and stable posture to shoot the arrow with full force.

Comfortable grip

A tough skill can only be mastered if you feel comfortable with the gadget you are handling. While  using a compound bow, if the grip is comfortable, you will handle it with stability and can focus on your aim. So, hold that bow tight enough, stabilize it to perfection, draw the string back and hit the bull’s eye.

Practice full draw weight

This one point is important if you are participating in a competition  or a tournament since you have to participate in different aiming events. So, as an archer, you must be comfortable with all the draw weights. You must make sure that at the full draw that you are not feeling shaky or exhausted even if you have to wait for that perfect aim. Because if you do, the arrow is surely going to miss the target.


Use the right accessories

Accessorizing compound bows have always shown good results. When aiming for long range target use the accurate pins and peep sight. If you are aiming in a clear line of shooting you can get the advantage of a recommended magnifying lens for a specific tournament.

These are some of the suggestions I want to make to all my archer friends. Other important things are your physical fitness, strength to hold a heavy bow like a compound bow for long periods and the right frame of mind while shooting. So, practice and maintain a perfect health to grow as a proficient archer with a compound bow.