What’s the best gear for bow hunting


When you go out on hunting trips, you can go with just your bow and arrow. But having only these two may hamper your chances of catching something commendable. As a hunter, whether you admit or not, skills with your bow and arrow are not the sufficient for a successful hunting excursion. Having bow accessories will help you hit your target accurately and catch what you have aimed for.

hunting accesoriesHowever, in purchasing bow accessories, I recommend that you do not simply purchase anything without checking reviews. These devices and accessories may not be as helpful and as durable as they may seem to be. Do not get deceived by well-packaged and marketed materials, as I have experienced in buying some of these attractively packaged accessories that turned out to be useless after two or three use. So, I learned that I should be vigilant about the products that I will purchase in future.

To help you know what accessories you need to have for a successful hunting trip, I have rounded off some of my “tested and proven” choices which I strongly believe will also be beneficial for you when you go into purchasing your hunting gear.


  1.       Apache EQ Stabilizer – stabilizers help not only in balancing the bow but will also cut down the noise when you fire. For only $40, you can have an Apache EQ Stabilizer from New Archery Products. It has 30 vibration-absorbing elements that reduce vibration and noise when you aim on target. It is also equipped with adjustable dampeners that permit you to change the balance and weight from time to time for a comfortable position.
  2.       Hoyt Archery Arrow Rack In-Line – to keep your arrows in a neat and orderly manner, I recommend that you should have Hoyt’s arrow rack. This can store up to six arrows, is easy and unobtrusive quick-detach system, can fit on any bow, and more importantly, it helps reduce canting issues since it is designed to fit closer to the riser.
  3.       Archer Extreme Titanium Recon – this helps in increasing durability yet reduces the weight with the help of its titanium and carbon material. Unlike most rests, recon has micro-tuning because of its internal trigger system. Moreover, it can support an arrow for longer duration, which improves accurate shot and arrow flight.
  4.       G5 Outdoors CMAX – CMAX rest can be activated on either the top or bottom part depending on how you set it up. Be assured that it is a quiet accessory and it offers total fletching clearance too.

If these 4 items don’t fit your style, you could also check out the great tips from this video: